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Many of the clients who have chosen Business Benefits, Inc. (BBI) did so because we brought a new perspective on the annual health insurance renewal process.  Other companies chose us because of our comprehensive support and guidance for both routine and uncommon issues.

Most health plans are renewed with vague promises and opaque pricing.  CFOs love our pricing transparency and creative solutions to bring down the frequency and severity of claims (the biggest part of health care premium).   HR managers love our comprehensive compliance, HR and administrative solutions including on-boarding, HR, legal and compliance support. Whether you have 25, 250 or 10,000 employees we want to help you add value, improve employee satisfaction and generate new free cash flow for your business.

 Benefit plans are constantly evolving and the pace of change is increasing.  Cost, technology, vendors, providers, regulations and operations all play a role in employee benefits, and for almost 30 years BBI has excelled in assisting employers maximize the return on their investment in their plans.


Areas of Expertise

Health Plans

Health benefit plans are the cornerstone of the employee benefits package. Health plans are not only the most expensive benefit plan, they are also the plan on which employees rely the most. BBI recognizes this and works to balance the needs of all parties to work towards the best outcomes. We partner with all of the leading insurance carriers and many of the best independent vendors for unbundled, fiduciary options for companies who want to embrace more active management of their plans.


HR and benefits technology changes rapidly. BBI has strong partnerships with companies that have leading edge technology that keeps up with and meets our clients evolving needs. From onboarding to Cobra, technology solutions can drive significant efficiency for employers. However, navigating the multitude of options can be overwhelming which is why BBI carefully vetts our partners and develops long term relationships with the best vendors.

Welfare Plans

Welfare is defined as giving financial support to people in need. When employees are affected by death or disability, welfare plans are meant to protect them against financial hardship. Many employers choose to protect employees with insurance for these unexpected events. BBI helps to guide employers from simple to complicated plans, with options for any budget.


An off the shelf solution is rarely a perfect fit for administration of HR and benefits. Lots of vendors claim that they have a one-stop solution. At BBI we have found that every company has a different set of needs that can change over time. Most importantly, we work with each employer to get an understanding of their process so we can make subtle changes over time to improve efficiency and reduce errors. Due to our long term employees we often provide continuity for our clients when there is employee turnover in the HR department.


BBI helps clients stay ahead of the changing landscape of benefit plan and Human Resources regulations. Employers rarely have the time to learn everything about new laws and regulations. BBI simplifies the rules by becoming experts on new rules that affect our employers so we can explain only what is important for each client, based on the company’s location, employee demographic, size, where employees live and work and benefit plan structure.


Retirement plans not only help employees who wish to age out of full time work, it also helps the employers to keep a younger average age which can reduce health plan costs. A good retirement plan is one in which there is consistent and non-conflicted education assistance and high quality investments with the lowest internal expenses available. Our RIA approach to retirement benefits reduces employer ERISA Fiduciary risk while enhancing the performance of the retirement plan.


The future belongs to those who prepare for it.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson


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